European Equine Coelioscopy workshop

Dernière mise à jour : 07/03/2024

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Tarif particulier

A special price can be applied according to your status:

  • 2048 € for residents
  • 2415 € for diplomates



• Theory

Preparation, sedation and analgesia/anesthesia of the patient in laparoscopy - Laparoscopic access and strategies. Prevention of complications - Equipment and Instrumentation - Laparoscopic suturing and knot techniques - Exploratory laparoscopy - standing horse and horse in dorsal decubitus ;

• Theory, including demonstration with videos Laparoscopic cryptochidectomy, ovariectomy & hernioplasty ;

• Ex-vivo Lab, practical simulation exercises with anatomical specimens - Orientation and manipulation of instruments.



• Lab 1 In vivo = laparoscopic castration and hernioplasty Preparation; local anesthesia; introduction of trocars, surgical anatomy. Surgical procedures on retained abdominal and/or descended testis using Ligasure and knot techniques ;

• Lab 2 In vivo = laparoscopic ovariectomy. Preparation; local anesthesia; introduction of trocars, surgical anatomy. Surgical procedures on normal ovaries using Ligasure and knot techniques ;

• Ex vivo lab = complementary work on extracorporeal and intracorporeal knots, continuous suturing and sliding end-knot, use of surgical staples and glue.

Objectifs de la formation

• The opportunity of in vivo labs - accredited through the ANSES/EnvA/UPEC ethic committee following ministerial authorization ;

• Benefit from the tips of experienced surgeons ;

• State of the art lectures given in this unique atmosphere will focus on general principles in coelioscopy, surgical techniques and tips, as well as common surgical procedures in equine practice ;

• Our goal is to go from «how to» to «can do» ;

• Our long standing partners ARTHREX and COVIDIEN will provide you with state of the art equipment.

Public visé

ECVS residents and diplomates, with some acceptance for surgeons with experience in surgery.

Modalités pédagogiques

Two days workshop with drinks and snacks provided


Theory and Practice in laboratories


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Modalités d'évaluation et de suivi

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